Our Story

Thank you for taking an interest in Winding River.  The Winding River you see today has been years in the making.  We are just beginning our fourth generation in this family business which began with my husband’s grandmother, who owned a small clothing store in Stoughton, MA. My father in law and my husband owned and operated clothing retail stores.  In the nineties my husband began designing and selling his own line of clothing to boutiques.  Soon my children and I got involved with the family company.


When the business grew, we saw that jackets were the pieces that we loved making and designing the most.  We decided to go in this direction and Winding River evolved.

We love the challenge of making each piece reversible, creating a niche for women who work, travel and are on the go.   The Winding River woman can dress on the run.  She can go to work with her jacket on one side and flip it around to the dressier side to go out that same night.  Some of our jackets can be worn year round because of their reversibility.  Our jackets are great for women who sometimes don’t have the time to shop, though they wish they did!

It’s unfortunate that apparel manufacturing has almost disappeared in this country but we are proud to say we manufacture our jackets here in the USA!  Our jackets are the result of generations of love for this industry and we’re so glad that you, our wonderful customers, appreciate this.

Now that I’m the new and proud grandmother of a beautiful baby girl, maybe we can look forward to another generation of, well, whatever our little girl decides is her passion.

Thank you for appreciating our jackets and we look forward to many more years of serving you.





Maria Reisman
Owner of Winding River